GAZ Group has started production and distribution of its new GAZelle NN light commercial vehicles in Turkey

7 Jun 2021
GAZ Group has started serial production оf its new GAZelle NN with Euro-VI Cummins F2.8 (170 hp) engine at its assembly line in Turkey. The company first launches 3.5t GVW modification with single (1+2) cabin. The new LCV will be available for order at a very attractive price in GAZ dealerships in Turkey.
GAZ Group has started production and distribution  of its new GAZelle NN light commercial vehicles in Turkey
GAZelle NN is more than just a new LCV model; it is going to be a founding father for a new generation of GAZ vehicles. It is a platform for further development of new models and versions of versatile, reliable and cost-efficient GAZ commercial vehicles.

 The first body-on-frame versions to be available in Turkey will be with a 3.5t GVW, a long (3745 mm) wheelbase, a 3-seat cabin and various superstructures from local body builders. 

New 6-speed manual transmission 
The new GAZelle comes with a GAZ in-house 6-speed gearbox. It demonstrates better traction dynamics performance of a loaded vehicle, reduces fuel consumption as well as noise and vibration levels. The gearbox lifetime is now extended to 300,000 km, while its torque can be up to 450 Nm. 

New Euro-6 engine 
The new GAZelle NN will be available to order in Turkey with modern diesel Cummins F2.8 Euro-VI compliant engine, with the service life of over 500,000 km. Engine power increased to 170 hp and torque increased to 360 Nm. 

Face lifting 
The new design is more dynamic and vibrant with signature elements GAZelle vehicles yet with a modern look. GAZelle NN designers integrated the latest automotive design trends: the new LED lights in glossy black housings and curvy lines of daylight running lights will instantly catch your attention. The front bumper is now boxier and more sculptured. 

The new GAZelle comes with all LED lights that last a lifetime - 300,000 km. 

All GAZelle NN vehicles in Turkey are outfitted with reliable Lassa tires. 

Leonid Dolgov, GAZ Group Export Director:
- GAZelle NN is a product much anticipated by our customers in Turkey. First of all, it is a vehicle with new Euro-VI engines, a driver’s airbag which comes standard, and a competitive price. Besides the new GAZelle gives much more to its owners as it is extremely versatile and has the legendary Russian endurance. GAZelle NN, or New NEXT, is our new generation of vehicles and opens a vast horizon of opportunities in Turkey, the key export market for GAZ. We’ll also soon start building four versions of GAZelle NN vans in Turkey. 

Cengiz Yuksel, GAZ Turkey General Director: 
- We are happy to be the first GAZ Group’s subsidiary outside of Russia to start selling the new GAZelle NN. We get only positive feedback from our customers about GAZelle LCVs made in Turkey. The new model has a body-on-frame design, just like the other GAZ products. It means you can install various superstructures for any business needs at no risk of body deformations in a loaded vehicle. Our customers in Turkey say that GAZ vehicles have great maneuverability, are sturdy, maintenance-friendly and cost efficient. Our dealers have partnerships with local body builders and can offer a tarpaulin or a box body to carry up to 22 m3 of cargo.
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VECTOR NEXT Length: 7645 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 53
VECTOR 8.8 Length: 8800 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 64
PAZ-320412 Length: 8560 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 70
PAZ-3204 Length: 7500 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 53
PAZ-3203 Length: 7100 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 43
PAZ-4234 Length: 8165 mm
PAZ-32053/54 Length: 7000 mm
KAVZ-4235 AURORA Length: 8410 mm
LiAZ-4292 Length: 9500 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 82
LiAZ-5292 restyling Length: 12410 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 114
LiAZ-6213 Length: 18040 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 153
LiAZ-5256 city Length: 11400 mm
LiAZ-5256 suburban Length: 11400 mm
LiAZ-5293 Length: 11400 mm
KAVZ-4270 Length: 10200 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 84
CRUISE Length: 12060 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 49
VOYAGE Length: 12500 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 60
VOYAGE L Length: 14950 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 100
VECTOR 8.8 m intercity Length: 8800 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 50
LiAZ-5256 intercity Length: 11400 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 66
KAVZ-4238 Length: 10030 mm
VECTOR NEXT school Length: 7645 mm
PAZ-3203/04-70 school Length: 7100 mm
PAZ-32053-70 school Length: 7000 mm
KAVZ-4235/4238 school Length: 8410 mm
PAZ-3206 Length: 7000 mm
Electrobus Length: 12420 mm
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