GAZ GROUP shows Euro 6-compliant vehicles in Serbia

21 Mar 2019

Belgrade, March 21, 2019, – GAZ Auto Plant, Russia’s leading producer of commercial vehicles, is a member of the GAZ Group, has brought a broad range of its NEXT line of vehicles to the Balkans. The models include an advanced GAZon NEXT van with a new six-speed transmission, airbags and ESP system. International Motor Show, the Balkans’ most prominent auto show, takes place in Belgrade from March 21 to 31.

GAZ Auto Plant presents its new GAZelle NEXT van and several specially vehicles tailored to the Balkan market at a motor show in Belgrade.

New GAZelle NEXT van powered by a Euro 6 engine will make its first appearance in the Balkans. The van features a Volkswagen engine and a new six-speed transmission engineered by GAZ Auto Plant itself. The design changes have led to a 10% reduction in fuel consumption, lower noise and vibration and better traction.

The compact 2.0l turbocharged diesel engine with a Common Rail fuel injection system meets the most stringent requirements to powertrains used with commercial vehicles. The engine’s power peaks at 136 h.p. while its maximum torque of 340 N*m is reached in the most advantageous range of 1,600 to 2,250 rmp. Thanks to small displacement and high output per liter, it offers fuel efficiency on par with the best engines used with light commercial vehicles. A special balancing feature integrated into the engine design efficiently reduces noise and vibration, makes driving and riding the van more comfortable and ensures smooth operation of the engine across its entire rpm range.

The new six-speed low-noise and low-vibration gearbox efficiently transmits up to 450 N*m torque. It is durable and operates smoothly. A power take-off opening in the gearbox makes it easy to couple with many types of special equipment such as lifting and handling devices.

The frame design which makes GAZelle NEXT so robust allows it to be operated with full load in challenging road conditions and carry a broad array of special superstructures for particular business applications. Thanks to front wishbone suspension, the van is smooth to drive and easy to steer. The rack-and-pinion steering gear offers the quality of information and control on par with the best solutions used with LCV internationally. GAZelle NEXT has a spacious cabin with an anatomic driver’s seat with 5 adjustments and lumbar support. Easily readable instrument panel, outstanding visibility and well-thought-out ergonomics make the van comfortable to drive over long distances.

GAZelle NEXT with a hydraulically-powered areal platform is designed for construction and installation operations when it is necessary to lift people to the height of up to 14m. The lifting system is more advanced than the standard crane-type mechanism and can be used in situations where there is not enough space for a conventional truck-mounted crane or areal platform. The platform basket itself is made of polyester and can carry people and cargo with combined weight of 200kg. It has been certified to ensure up 1,000V voltage protection. Besides, it has special feature allowing it to be easily attached to or detached from the boom. When detached, the basket can be transported in the vehicle.

GAZelle NEXT dump truck uses a long-base chassis and has a two-row cab. These dump trucks are ideal for carrying and off-loading a broad variety of farming products or construction materials such as sand, gravel, etc. Small size, good agility and low fuel consumption turn this dump truck into an efficient tool for repair and farm work. Big electrically heated mirrors, improved visibility and minimized blind spots make this truck safer and contribute to its better ergonomics.

GAZelle Business 4x4 all-terrain vehicle features a simple and reliable part-time all-wheel drive system and, as presented, is fitted with a two-row cab. Substantial road clearance, low-gear capability and long suspension travel form the basis of the van’s strong off-road performance while its short wheel base together with big wheel turning angle make it easy to steer in crammed urban and suburban environment.

Leonid Dolgov, head of GAZ GROUP export sales

“We are actively expanding into the Balkan market. Local customers have already had a chance to appreciate the strong performance of GAZ vehicles and their low cost of ownership. At this motor show, we present various modifications of our vehicles for civil construction, farming, public utilities and transportation applications. These and other models are available is the dealerships of our Serbian partner Interauto. Besides, we cooperate closely with local upfitters who use our vehicles as the basis for specialty machines they produce. Three models we present here have been made in cooperation with Serbian companies. We have also brought a new GAZelle NEXT van powered by a Euro 6-comliant engine. The van has become more efficient, ergonomic and functional. GAZ Group’s Euro 6-comliant vehicles made their first international appearance during IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hannover in 2018 where they received praise from visitors from many countries.”

The authorized distributor of GAZ commercial vehicles is Serbia is Interauto. The company was established in 1992. It operates four big dealerships in the Balkans and has strong relationship with many business partners. Interauto and its affiliated companies act as authorized dealers of many auto brands in Serbia. The company also imports and sells used passenger cars, trucks and construction machines.


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