GAZ has certified its new GAZelle City minibus

1 Feb 2020

Gorky Automobile Plant has certified its new GAZelle City minibus. Serial production will be launched later this year. Low floor, a wide double door, and a wide space in the central part of the compartment for people with reduced mobility, including people with disabilities, elderly people, and passengers with buggies, allow getting easily on and off the bus.

GAZ has certified its new GAZelle City minibus

The minibus is a new member of the GAZelle NEXT framework bus family, which first rolled off the assembly line in 2014. GAZelle City combining the ladder chassis and the frame body structure is a unique bus for city routes. It is based on the original chassis design with a lowered central section for low entry and a wide, big and comfortable space in the middle of the compartment for wheelchair users, passengers with buggies and standees.

It has special wheelchair tiedowns and a wheelchair lift. The new bus has a wide electric double door for easy access of passengers. It also has a pneumatic kneeling system to lower the front end of the bus while it is parked. The air suspension delivers better driving performance, reduced vehicle body roll and a smooth ride.

The rear axle with an increased payload and the original reinforced ladder chassis make the vehicle really reliable and the disc brakes on all the wheels deliver great braking and stopping performance. The bus is designed to carry 22 passengers with 17 passengers seats with 5 standees in the standard modification. However, there are different layout options to choose from.