GAZ Presented New Off-road Vehicles

30 Aug 2018
GAZ presented new off-road and medical vehicles at the International National Safety Week Forum. Test models of Sobol 4x4 with a NEXT family cabin, original body and bonnet were shown at the company’s stand. Pickup and minibus versions of the vehicles were presented. In addition, a universal mobile center based on GAZon NEXT, a class C resuscitation ambulance based on GAZelle NEXT and a four-wheel drive class B resuscitation ambulance based on Sobol 4x4 with an increased cabin height were shown at the exhibition. The Forum was held from 21 through 26 August in Kubinka, Moscow Region.

GAZ presented experimental models (prototypes) of Sobol off-road vehicles intended for extreme travel and active holidays, work in agriculture, in the oil & gas industry, forestry and hunting. The vehicles consist of a GAZelle NEXT cabin module based on a Sobol 4x4 platform. The original trim package (bonnet, front bumper, lighting equipment) create a memorable, easily recognizable appearance of the vehicle.
The spacious cabin of the experimental Sobol provides a high degree of comfort, good noise and vibration protection. The cabin is equipped with convenient driver and passenger seats with anatomical support, five adjustment levels and back support. The gear-shift cables (joystick) and electronic transfer case control make driving more convenient. The off-road features of the vehicle include a part-time 4WD, speed reduction gearing, and front and rear differential blocking. The front axle spider is replaced by constant-velocity joints. In addition, the pickup is fitted with a winch concealed beneath the number plate on the front bumper.
Two variants of the trial model Sobol 4x4 are presented: a minibus and a pickup. The minibus’s comfortable interior can take six passengers, with enough room for luggage. The double-row cabin of the pickup seats six passengers and up to 800 Kg of baggage will fit into the back. Closed boxes are fitted into the body base for storing tools and other items. The wheel base on the trial models is increased to 3,185 cm (compared to the standard model’s 2,760 mm). Test models of Sobol 4x4 are a development of the experimental line of GAZ off-roaders, which also includes Vepr NEXT, based on Sadko medium-tonnage truck. Vepr NEXT vehicles were first shown in September last year at the COMTRANS2017 Exhibition. The given models are intended for demonstration to possible buyers in order to determine the potential demand and make final decisions on the design and configuration of the vehicles. The GAZon NEXT-based universal mobile center is intended for use as a mobile medical diagnosis unit for providing first aid in remote regions and as a research laboratory. The specific features of the vehicle include a big, one-box body made of modern, robust composite materials with the possibility of flexible planning depending on the intended use. The various versions of the vehicle may have a body length of from 3,000 to 5,000 mm, a body volume of up to 20 cub.m. and from three to seven seats in the compartment. The big body interior and high loading capacity provide space for a large quantity of equipment and several patients at once. The vehicle is equipped with autonomous lighting, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems. A generator and WC may be installed. If necessary, a lifting device for up to 500 Kg may be installed in the vehicle’s rear overhang.
The class C resuscitation vehicle is based on GAZelle NEXT panel van. The interior walls and ceiling are lined with easily washable, white molded plastic with a smooth surface that does not absorb odors and is resistant to medicines and washing and disinfecting agents. Special moveable panels provide broad opportunities for fixing medical equipment. The air-conditioner and additional heater help to maintain a comfortable temperature at any time of year. A swivel chair with an adjustable back is installed at the front of the interior. The vehicle is equipped with LED lights and two blocks of exterior lighting, 12 and 220 V electricity sockets, a medial gas pipeline, swivel chairs with three-point safety belts, a washbasin with an electric pump water supply unit, as well as a large number of cupboards and fittings for medical equipment.
The class B ambulance based on Sobol 4x4 is a complete ambulance with high off-road capability. The sides and ceiling of the medical section are fitted with aluminum composite panels and there is moisture-proof, slip-free, antistatic flooring. The vehicle has a comfortable swivel seat, climate control in the medical section, additional heaters and space for securing and storing medical equipment and materials.


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