GAZ Unveils Integrated Transport Solutions at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover

19 Sep 2018
GAZ, number one manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Russia and one of the leading manufacturers in the light commercial vehicles (LCV) segment in Europe, demonstrates multifunctional transport solutions for various types of business, industry, passenger transportation, vehicles for business and travel in extreme road conditions at IAA 2018 international exhibition in Hanover. Among other innovations the company unveiled for the first time in Hanover: GAZelle Next Euro-6 light commercial vehicle, Sadko Next right-hand-drive off-road truck, Ural 6x4 road truck, YMZ-534 Euro-6 engine and others. GAZ also demonstrated its 'GAZ Connect' digital telematics platform that allows monitoring of over 50 different parameters of vehicle systems, track vehicle location in real time and that offers over 100 online services through mobile application or website.

The product lineup at the IAA 2018 includes light commercial vehicles and trucks with gross weight from 3.5 to 22 tons, buses with a passenger capacity of 17 to 100 people. The vehicles are equipped with various types of engines; they meet Euro-5 and Euro-6 emission standards. The vehicles are available with left-hand or right-hand drive. The design combines modern technologies and components from the world's leading suppliers with technical solutions that ensure low cost of ownership and reliability in heavy-duty and overloaded conditions. The vehicles can be used as a basis to build more than 500 types of specialty modifications.

The products, unveiled at IAA 2018, underline GAZ export strategy aimed at increasing GAZ export sales. Success on overseas markets is directly dependent on products that are adapted to local requirements. Therefore, GAZ has invested heavily in modernization of production and development of new products for export markets such as vehicles with Euro-6 engines, increased load capacity as well as adaptations for various climatic conditions.

Today GAZ supplies products to over 40 countries and is active in regions such as Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia. In 2017, GAZ started its commercial sales in the Philippines and Morocco. In addition, the company opened a representative office, upgraded its production facility and started sales of new models of LCVs in Turkey.

Light Commercial Vehicles

GAZelle Next Euro-6

At IAA 2018 GAZ unveiled its upgraded GAZelle Next LCV featuring a Euro 6 diesel engine, six-speed gearbox, airbags and ESP system. The vehicle has become even more efficient, ergonomic and functional.

The latest GAZelle is powered by a Volkswagen diesel engine coupled with a new six-speed gearbox developed by GAZ in-house. Design changes resulted in 10% fuel consumption reduction, lower noise and vibration levels as well as improved traction and dynamic performance. The model presented at the exhibition in Hanover conforms to Euro-6 European emission standard. It is also planned to produce Euro-5 compliant vehicles with this engine.

The compact diesel engine of 2.0 L displacement with a turbocharger and Common Rail injection system meets the most stringent requirements applied to engines used in commercial vehicles. The engine’s maximum power output is 136 hp. Maximum torque of 340 Nm is produced in the most usable range of 1600-2250 RPM. Small displacement and high per-liter power output ensure fuel efficiency on par with best performers in the light commercial vehicles class. A special balancing module integrated in engine design effectively neutralizes engine vibration and noise, improving comfort for driver and passengers and ensuring smooth operation throughout the engine speed range.

The new six-speed gearbox developed by GAZ can handle torque up to 450 Nm and is characterized by long service-life, precise shifting and a low level of noise and vibrations. Open power takeoff (PTO) connection allows for easy installation of a large number of specialty equipment, such as hydraulic lifts and loader cranes.

Two versions of the vehicle are being presented at the exhibition: chassis-cab and van. Unlike the current model that traditionally has double-tire rear wheels, for the first time ever GAZelle Next van is exhibited with single-tire rear wheels. Such versions are planned for certain export markets.

GAZelle Next chassis-cab is equipped with driver and passenger airbags and ESP system.

GAZelle Next has body-on-frame design that ensures high rigidity and ability to operate in harsh road conditions under high loads; it also permits installation of a wide range of specialty equipment for various types of businesses.

Independent front suspension provides for a smooth ride and excellent handling. Rack and pinion steering’s feedback and handling performance are on par with the best LCV products from global automakers. Integrating the steering and front suspension into a single assembly resulted in precise handling and ability to maintain a straight path even when driving on bad roads with rough surface. The presented vehicles feature hydraulic braking system with disc brakes on all wheels.

The spacious cabin is equipped with a comfortable anatomic driver's seat with five-way adjustment and lumbar support. A user-friendly dashboard with a clearly readable instrument cluster, excellent visibility and elaborate ergonomics ensure driver’s comfort even during long trips.

GAZelle Next minibus

The new minibus model is based on the chassis of 4.6 tons GVW GAZelle Next LCV. The vehicle is designed to carry 22 passengers (including 14 seated passengers).

The new minibus features a Spicer rear axle and braking system with disc brakes on all wheels. Spacious passenger compartment with high (190 cm) ceiling and panoramic windows enhance passenger comfort, while the sliding door with high door opening combined with a retractable footboard ensures easy entry and exit.

Three heaters and an air conditioner ensure optimal climate in the cabin in any weather conditions. Increased stiffness of the body and crumple zones integrated in the vehicle’s structural elements design guarantee safety for passengers and driver.

The minibus is powered by a Cummins ISF 2.8 diesel engine (power output - 140 hp, torque - 320 Nm).

GAZelle Next electric vehicle

GAZ has developed a unified electric vehicle platform for its GAZelle Next light commercial vehicles. It is used as a basis for several vehicle versions: vans, trucks and minibuses.

At IAA 2018 GAZelle Next electric vehicle is exhibited in minibus version with a passenger capacity of 16 people. An AC induction motor (manufactured by Siemens AG) is installed in the rear overhang of the bus. Range per charge is 100 km. Fast charge (up to 80% capacity) takes 30 minutes; full charge time is 120 minutes. Charging time from 220 V residential power network is 12 hours. The electric vehicle has passed all tests and certification.

Medium-duty Trucks

Sadko Next Off-Road Truck

At IAA 2018 GAZ unveiled a new model of Sadko Next medium-duty off-road truck. The vehicle, representing a new generation of the iconic GAZ off-road truck, combines unique off-road capability with a high level of comfort, functionality and modern engineering solutions. The new model has a payload capacity of 3 tons.

This model will be launched into serial production in two versions: right-hand-drive and left-hand-drive. This underlines our intention to develop exports to countries with right-hand traffic, too. The exhibited vehicle is a right-hand-drive version.

Sadko Next is a new generation of GAZ medium-duty trucks. The vehicle has retained superb off-road capabilities of its predecessors: a good body geometry for off-road performance, high ground clearance (315 mm); step-down gear and locking differentials of the front and rear axles; a tire inflation system; highly flexible YMZ-534 diesel engine, producing high torque even while crawling at minimum speed.

The main changes improve comfort, handling, and functionality of the vehicle. The new Sadko is equipped with spacious three-seat (seven seats in the crew cab version) Next cabin with a spring-mounted anatomic driver seat. Integrated steering combined with upgraded front suspension provide for good feedback, handling, smooth ride and stability. The new fully pneumatic braking system ensures efficient braking requiring only little force on the brake pedal. Thanks to the ability of supplying air with a compressor the system remains operational even with small leaks present. The vehicle is fitted with a reinforced part-time transfer case. The front axle and step-down gear are engaged by pressing buttons on the dashboard.

PTO can be attached both to the gearbox and to transfer case. This allows a winch and a lot of different specialty equipment to be installed at the same time.

Optionally the vehicle can be fitted with a second 95 l fuel tank, a winch and a snorkel. Depending on customer requirements the vehicle is equipped with Euro-3, Euro-4 or Euro-5 engine.

Vepr Next Off-road Pickup

At IAA 2018 GAZ presents a concept model of Vepr Next off-road pickup for business and travel in extreme conditions. The vehicle will become an excellent assistant for work in forestry and hunting sectors, oil and gas industry and in autonomous travel. Its design combines high off-road capabilities with comfort and ergonomics.

The vehicle has huge off-road potential. Full-time front axle, self-locking differentials in the front and rear axles, step-down gear, tire inflation and pressure adjustment, high ground clearance, large entry and departure angles, 18 inch wheels with all-terrain tires and a powerful mechanical winch allow you to negotiate the most challenging obstacles. At the same time, the vehicle provides a high level of ergonomics and comfort, unusual for an off-road truck. A spacious and comfortable cabin with a wide door opening is equipped with a spring-mounted anatomical driver seat with five-way adjustment and lumbar support.

This prototype is demonstrated with the aim of determining potential demand and studying the optimal design and outfitting solutions.

Heavy-duty Trucks

In the heavy-duty trucks segment the company presents Ural Next truck with 6x4 axle configuration that can be used on public roads and access roads.

The Ural Next 6x4 family includes dump trucks with load capacity of up to 16 t for transportation of bulk cargo, truck tractors for towing semi-trailers with total weight of the rig up to 62 tons and chassis with different wheelbase lengths on which a wide range of special equipment weighing up to 19 tons can be installed. The vehicles are intended for operation in construction, road, farming and other industries.

Ural Next 6x4 provides a balanced combination of dynamics and towing performance when operated on paved and access roads. Driving axles with final drives are equipped with wheel and axle locking differentials, which allow the vehicle to move in different road conditions.

The truck is equipped with a spacious three-seat cabin designed in accordance with modern ergonomics requirements. The cabin's headroom offers comfortable accommodation for the driver and passengers. Thanks to the usage of modern upholstery materials and quality seals, the cabin has excellent thermal and noise insulation and leak tightness. The cab-behind-engine design ensures high passive safety and convenient access to the engine. Cabs can be offered with a second row of seats, which increases total seating capacity up to seven. Cab for the truck tractor is equipped with a sleeper.

At IAA 2018 exhibition the Ural Next 6x4 family is represented by a tanker truck for transportation and short-term storage of food liquids. The tank for transportation of food liquids has a capacity of 11 cubic meters, contains three sections and is made of stainless steel. The service platform with a folding handrail and ladder has perforated surface, which prevents slipping in any weather. The truck is powered by a modern and efficient 328 hp YMZ-536 engine conforming to Euro-5 emission standard.

On-road trucks with 6x4 axle configuration represent a new model of Ural trucks. GAZ also produces all-wheel drive Ural Next trucks with 4x4 and 6x6 axle configurations and payload capacity of 5.5 to 13 tons. Highly efficient operation and maximum off-road capability possible for wheeled vehicles ensure a wide range of applications in construction, oil and gas sector, forestry, farming, mining and other industries.


Vector Next

GAZ presents its Vector Next inter-city bus with a total passenger capacity of 41 people (with 25 seats). The bus is equipped with YMZ-53426-30 engine meeting the Euro-6 emission standard (power output 170 hp, torque - 597 Nm) as well as a multiplex system that automatically controls engine parameters with the ability to send data to the depot.

The main focus in the bus is on comfort for driver and passengers. Improved ergonomics of the driver's compartment can significantly reduce fatigue during operation. A comfortable temperature in the bus will be achieved thanks to separate air-conditioning systems for passengers and the driver. The bus features low noise due to use of a modern engine and efficient noise insulation. Comfortable seats with adjustable backs, convenient luggage shelves and a multimedia system will make any trip a pleasant one. Models can be equipped with ADAS systems, electronic route indicators, a ticker bar with information about the route, stop announcer, video surveillance system and other additional options upon customer's request.

The bus is equipped with integrated safety systems for operation in severe road and climatic conditions. State-of-the-art ASR electronic traction control system is applied, ensuring efficient acceleration even when starting on ice or gravel surface. The bus is equipped with electronic braking force distribution between the wheels (EBD) that provides for the most efficient grip. As an option ESC stability control system can be installed helping prevent skidding when turning.

The company produces a line of Vector Next buses of 7 to 9 meters length designed to carry from 43 to 53 passengers, comprising a large range of versions, powered by diesel or gas engines. The line includes low-floor versions equipped with a mechanical ramp and a wheelchair space, as well as kneeling function for easy entry and exit of low-mobility passengers. Depending on the passenger compartment layout, buses can operate on urban, local and intercity routes.

Large LiAZ-5292 Bus

Large-class low-floor LiAZ-5292 bus is intended for urban public transit operations with heavy passenger traffic. The passenger capacity is 101 persons, which makes the bus one of the best in its class in this respect. The bus's low floor level and absence of steps ensure high passenger throughput.

The bus is equipped with YMZ-536 Euro-5 diesel engine. High torque ensures reliable operation of the bus in mountainous terrain. The service life is about 1 million km.

The passenger compartment provides sufficient space to accommodate low-mobility passengers. The bus also features a mechanical wheel-chair ramp. Adjustable bus tilt angle (up to 7° towards the doors) allows easier passenger entry and exit.


At IAA 2018 GAZ presents samples of medium diesel and gas engines of its own production. The YMZ-530 family of engines with power output range of 136-330 hp (100-243 kW) was developed in cooperation with AVL engineering company (Austria). It was used as a basis for more than 200 engine versions and configurations with a high degree of commonality. Engines are used in vehicles of various classes and applications, including trucks and buses, excavators, motor graders, tractors, combine harvesters, diesel generator sets and marine vessels. YMZ-530 engines feature state-of-the-art design solutions regarding layout, control and operation of the main systems ensuring their reliability and fuel efficiency. The YMZ-530 family of engines has a performance on par with the world's leading analogues in terms of vibration and noise characteristics, fuel efficiency and service life. Durability is up to 1 million km.

YMZ-530 engines are manufactured at one of the most sophisticated production facilities in Europe with an automation level of up to 90%. A unified control and software system for production lines has been introduced at the plant. Engineering infrastructure ensures compliance with the most stringent requirements to production environment cleanliness, temperature, pressure, illumination, noise and vibration. The quality management system complies with the IATF 16949 standard.

Euro-6 Diesel Engine

For the first time GAZ demonstrates a diesel engine conforming to Euro-6 emission standard. The YMZ-53426 in-line 4-cylinder engine with displacement of 4.43 l has optimal technical and economic parameters in terms of oil and fuel consumption, power range of 170-210 hp, torque of 664 - 780 Nm.

The engine was modified to meet the Euro-6 emission standard in cooperation with Bosch. Fuel supply system of YMZ-534 Euro-6 engines is a microprocessor-based, common-rail type with fuel injection pressure of 2,000 bar. To achieve the emission level of Euro-6 standard, YMZ-534 engines use EGR exhaust gas recirculation system with electrically-driven choke and SCR urea feed system, as well as an upgraded turbocharger system.

Euro-5 Gas Engine

YMZ-536 CNG engine is a 6-cylinder in-line gas engine conforming to Euro-5 standard. YMZ-530 CNG engines are developed in cooperation with Westport company. Significant commonality of the gas engines with diesel models of YMZ-530 family helps reduce vehicle maintenance costs. The line of YMZ-536 CNG 6-cylinder in-line gas engines is offered with power range of 260-312 hp and torque of 1080-1220 Nm.


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