GAZ vehicles go for Africa Eco Race, an international rally marathon

29 Dec 2018
Monaco, 29 December 2018 - GAZ sport vehicles go for Africa Eco Race-2019, an international Monaco-Dakar rally marathon to be held between 30 December and 13 January. GAZ Raid Sports team comprises two GAZelle Next and two Sadko Next MDT off-road trucks that will cover over 6 thous. km through the sand of Sahara, the mountains of Morocco, the stone roads of savanna and other complicated African roads.
Four GAZelle sport vehicles will participate in Africa Eco Race that is acknowledged to be one of the largest vehicle sports events. The rally starts on 30 December in Monaco, on the same day the teams will head to Morocco by a ferry, where the race starts on 1 January on the sports areas. The rally participants will cover over 6 thous. km including most complicated sports areas. The African part of the rally mostly repeats the famous Paris-Dakar route and goes through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. On 13 January the rally marathon ends on the Lake Retba coast close to Dakar, the Senegal capital. The African rally is distinguished by a diversity of road types. The sport vehicles will pass the mountains of Morocco and the sand of Sahara, sand dunes and stone roads of savanna, ancient dust, salt lands and rift. Overnight the temperature may reach up to 0 degrees, and overday - up to 40 degrees. Four GAZ vehicles will start the race in Monacco. Two GAZelle Next participate in the car rally, and two Sadko Next - in the truck rally. The GAZelle Next sport vehicles are designed on the platform of GAZ serial products. Sport versions of Sadko Next are built on the platform of pre-series new generation GAZ off-road trucks. Participation in the extreme rally became a significant part of testing this model, the SOP of which is scheduled to 2019. GAZ Group vehicles will render maintenance services to the team. The accompanying vehicles comprise Sobol 4*4 off-road trucks, GAZelle Next minibuses and three powerful Ural Next off-road trucks. Michelin will provide tires to the team. Sadko and Sadko NEXT sport versions are outfitted with tires Michelin XZL, and GAZelle NEXT and Sobol 4х4 - with BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2. These tires ensure the optimum combination of speed on dirt road and cross-country capability on sand and off-road. Team members: - driver Evgeny Sukhovenko (Rostov), steersman Evgeny Pavlov (Tver) - GAZelle NEXT; - driver Aleksey Ignatov (Chelyabinsk), steersman Dmitry Chumak (Moscow) - GaAZelle NEXT; - driver Mikhail Shklyaev, steersman Aleksandr Laguta (Nizhny Novgorod) - Sadko NEXT; - driver Boleslav Levitsky, steersman Stanislav Dolgov (Nizhny Novgorod) - Sadko NEXT.


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