Mobile tech centers based on GAZelle NEXT LCVs are going to Serbia to deliver master classes for kids

17 Dec 2019

Quantorium mobile tech centers for kids built on GAZelle NEXT frame city bus have set off for Serbia to deliver master classes for kids. These mobile tech centers are designed for practical natural and engineering science classes. During the journey experts of the Quantorium Center for Yung Generation Engineering and Scientific Competencies will deliver a series of master classes in 3D prototyping, VR simulation, industrial design and production in a hi-tech lab for university, college and school students in the Balkan states. The master classes will be held from 17 to 21 December in the following cities in Serbia: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Ruma, Šabac and Aleksinac.

Two mobile tech centers have started in Novi Sad with their educational programs and master classes. Quantorium mobile tech center is a mobile educational complex packed with hi-tech equipment, where children of any age may study virtual realty (VR), robotic technologies and industrial design. It is built on the GAZelle Next frame bus platform with a trailer. The project is supported by Nizhny Novgorod Regional Government and Gorky Automobile Plant in Russia and Russky Dom, the Russian Center of Science and Culture, in Belgrade, Serbia. The mobile tech centers are welcomes by GAZ official dealers and Serbia and Republika Srpska.

The mobile tech center will bring a wide range of educational programs for university, college and school students: Hi-Tech Quantum, Industrial Design Quantum, VR Quantum and Industrial Robotics Quantum.

Hi-Tech Quantum is a hi-tech prototyping laboratory with 3D printers, machines with soldering stations and other fixtures. Industrial Design Quantum is an intensive program where the trainees design a personal keyholder and define the interdependancy of the object’s shape, functions, materials and production technology. VR Quantum is designed to study virtual realty and simulations under close-to-real conditions, estimate all probable effects and find best solutions. Industrial Robotics Quantum is a program with modules for kids of 8-12 y.o. who learn to control car robots using the data of the proximity sensors and the control unit, for kids aged 12+ who build LED chasers on Arduino cards as well as for students above 15 who design smart home systems.

GAZelle NEXT buses, on the basis of which educational mobile centers were created, are produced at one of the largest automobile enterprises in Russia — the Gorky Automobile Plant. The mobile tech center is based on the GAZelle Next minibus platform featuring a spacious cab with good visibility, an adequate steering feedback, and an ergonomic driver seat. An independent front suspension and a reinforced rear suspension with an anti-roll bar deliver a extremely smooth ride. A powerful diesel engine (149 HP) ensures excellent traction and dynamic performance.

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