New GAZelle NEXT panel van is certified for Morocco

9 Sep 2020
Casablanca (Morocco), September 2020 – Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ), the Russia's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, announces the start of pre-orders for GAZelle NEXT panel vans in the Kingdom of Morocco.
New GAZelle NEXT panel van is certified for Morocco

Gorky Automobile Plant obtained the national vehicle-type approval certificate enabling the sales of GAZelle NEXT panel vans in the Kingdom of Morocco. The Russian Trade Representative Office in Morocco supported the certification. A pre-order for the new model may be placed with all GAZ dealerships in Morocco.

Since 2017, GAZ has been selling GAZelle NEXT trucks to Morocco. Now it offers one more GAZelle NEXT model - vans with a 2.8l diesel engine. Modern technical solutions, components made by leading global suppliers, and strict quality assurance let the company offer favourable warranty conditions – 5 years or 150,000 km.

The GAZelle NEXT family is a lineup of light commercial vehicles featuring both a high functionality and modern technical solutions. The vehicle has a frame design delivering a high reliability and an opportunity to operate it in complex road conditions under a severe load. The front independent wishbone suspension delivers a smooth drive and an excellent control. The steering wheel offers the same info content as the best-in-class global LCVs. The vehicles feature a modern and fuel-efficient diesel engine with a power output of 149 hp. The GAZelle NEXT cabin exterior parts are fully zink-coated and treated with anti-corrosion compounds. All joints and seals are treated with anti-corrosion coating and special-purpose sealants.

GAZ vehicles are available in fifteen GAZ dealerships all over the Kingdom of Morocco. Contacts and addresses thereof are available on the manufacturer's website

Leonid Dolgov, Managing Director of GAZ International:

- We are glad that despite all complications associated with remote business activities we keep developing and broadening our lineup in the Morocco market. Thanks to the support by the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation, we successfully complete certification of the GAZelle NEXT panel van. We continue broadening our presence in Morocco to offer our customers most convenient conditions for purchasing vehicles featuring the legendary Russian durability and reliability.

VECTOR NEXT Length: 7645 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 53
VECTOR 8.8 Length: 8800 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 64
PAZ-320412 Length: 8560 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 70
PAZ-3204 Length: 7500 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 53
PAZ-3203 Length: 7100 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 43
PAZ-4234 Length: 8165 mm
PAZ-32053/54 Length: 7000 mm
KAVZ-4235 AURORA Length: 8410 mm
LiAZ-4292 Length: 9500 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 82
LiAZ-5292 restyling Length: 12410 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 114
LiAZ-6213 Length: 18040 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 153
LiAZ-5256 city Length: 11400 mm
LiAZ-5256 suburban Length: 11400 mm
LiAZ-5293 Length: 11400 mm
KAVZ-4270 Length: 10200 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 84
CRUISE Length: 12060 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 49
VOYAGE Length: 12500 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 60
VOYAGE L Length: 14950 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 100
VECTOR 8.8 m intercity Length: 8800 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 50
LiAZ-5256 intercity Length: 11400 mm Max. Passenger capacity: 66
KAVZ-4238 Length: 10030 mm
VECTOR NEXT school Length: 7645 mm
PAZ-3203/04-70 school Length: 7100 mm
PAZ-32053-70 school Length: 7000 mm
KAVZ-4235/4238 school Length: 8410 mm
PAZ-3206 Length: 7000 mm
Electrobus Length: 12420 mm
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