Quantorium is a mobile technopark on GAZelle Next platform will hold a series of workshops in Serbia and Bosnia&Herzegovina

25 Sep 2019
Nizhny Novgorod, 25 September 2019, - Quantorium, a mobile technopark on GAZelle Next platform for practical natural and engineering science lessons, is going on a tour to the Balkan states. Professionals of SBI « Quantorium – Nizhny Novgorod» will hold a series of workshops for schoolchildren and students in the field of 3D prototyping, VR simulation, dron engineering and flashing. The project was launched in Nizhny Novgorod at the opening ceremony of regional technopark GAZ Quantorium at the GAZ Corporate University.
Quantorium is a mobile technopark on GAZelle Next platform will hold a series of workshops in Serbia and Bosnia&Herzegovina
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Quantorium mobile technopark is a mobile educational complex outfitted with hi-tech equipment, where children of any age may study virtual realty (VR), robotic technologies and industrial design. This complex is built on the GAZelle Next frame bus platform with an extra trailer. Teachers from Povolzhie Aerospace Educational Institution will hold classes for children in Serbia (Belgrade and Novi Sad) and Bosnia&Herzegovina (Banja Luka). The project is sponsored by the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod Region and GAZ.

Leonid Dolgov, GAZ Group Export Director:

- An easily customizable design of the GAZelle Next lineup allows us building numerous types of specialty vehicles both for business and society. GAZelle Next Citiline frame bus versions are already successfully used in the field of health care, mobile trade and laboratory testing. The new educational complex will provide a basis for a large-scale global educational project involving over 450 students.

Quantorium as mobile technopark for children will provide the below educational programs for students and schoolchildren:

Hi-Tech Quantum is a hi-tech prototyping laboratory outfitted with 3D printers, machines with soldering stations and other fixtures. Any part or unit may be made here. This is the “heart” of our quantorium. This is the place where ideas come to life.

VR Quantum is used for studying the virtual realty, simulations under close-to-real conditions, estimating all probable effects and finding efficient solutions. Children aged 12...15 will use a panoramic camera, make shots on their own and view the results wearing VR goggles. Younger visitors (aged 8...12) will study how to use VR goggles and helmets using the projects developed by “quantorians”. Higher-age visitors (15+) will study Unity operating environment for 2/3D app and game development.

AeroQuantum is focused on aerodynamics and dron designing, radio electronics and circuit engineering, microcontroller flashing and dron operation. It targets promoting engineering, design and entrepreneurship.

IndRoboQuantum is divided into three sub-modules: one for children aged 8...12, who will learn how to control robocars from remote controls based on the proximity sensor data; the second one for students aged 12...15, who will assemble disco lights using Arduino plates; and the third one for children aged 15+, who will study engineering of a smart home with light, noise and motion sensors and light triggering, window / door / curtain opening in response to sensor signals.

The mobile technopark is built on the platform of GAZelle Next minibus featuring a spacious cabin with good visibility, communicative steering and ergonomic driver’s seat. The independent front suspension and the reinforced rear suspension with anti-roll bar ensure a great ride smoothness. A powerful diesel engine ensures excellent traction and dynamic performance.

Gleb Nikitin, Governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod Region:

- The Nizhny Novgorod Region is the first Russian region, where mobile quantoriums appeared. We are proud that it was developed in Nizhny Novgorod based on GAZelle Next platform. Two such complexes have already been commissioned. We expect to have another six before 2022 within the framework of a national project. Furthermore, we keep upgrading our mobile quantoriums, both layout and platform. We also plan to build a Quantorium on the GAZon Next chassis. It will have a far better off-road capacity, which is crucial for small schools and under challenging weather conditions. It comes in line with the concept of being useful for each citizen, which according to Russian President Vladimir Putin must be an underlying principle of national projects.

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