Sadko to the Rescue

27 Feb 2020
The medium-duty Sadko Next truck proved once again that it may be operated in the most severe environment. Indonesian rescuers delivered humanitarian aid to victims of the flood in Java by a truck built by Gorky Automobile Plant.
Sadko to the Rescue

Being an heir to the famous GAZ-66 truck, Sadko Next inherited all the benefits from its legendary ancestor and gained many new advantages. Its systems and components underwent continual improvement in the process of engineering and testing of prototypes. As a result, Sadko Next has become much more advanced than its predecessor GAZ-3308 by introducing a principally new level of comfort, control and reliability. It features integral steering, pneumatic brakes, reinforced suspension, upgraded transmission and engine, reinforced chassis, spacious and comfortable cabin, and many other improvements. The new truck features modern technical solutions and may be operated on harsh roads, at permanently high loads, and in various climatic conditions.

The first pilot batch of right-hand wheel Sadko Next was built in the end of 2018, the serial production thereof was launched in a few months, and the left-hand wheel version was industrialized last summer. 

It was the first time in the history of Gorky Automobile Plant when the production of a new model started with the export version: the company's managers saw a huge potential of such vehicles in the left-hand traffic countries, primarily in Asia. Indonesia is one of the LHT countries. It ranks number four in the list of countries by population and is one of the world's 10 largest economies. 

For the first time, Indonesians saw Sadko Next at the 2018 global expo in Jakarta, and local partners of GAZ Group received several prototypes for testing. Their speed, durability, and cargo transportation on heavy off-road, cross-country and swampy terrain, and ability to cross water barriers underwent challenging testing in Indonesia. The Russian off-roader successfully coped with all the challenges. And now it may prove itself useful in the real operation.

The wet season in Indonesia lasts from November to March. Floods and landslides caused by tropical heavy rains are common here. In January of this year, a natural disaster befell the inhabitants of the environs of the city of Bogor in the province of West Java, located 60 km south of Jakarta. This important center of economy, culture and tourism is called in Indonesia the "Rain city" because of its very humid climate. A flood and a huge landslide, similar, according to eyewitnesses, to a giant melted ice cream, left the inhabitants of many villages in Kota Bogor without shelter and communication with the outside world.

The Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB) sent rescue teams and vehicles, incl. Sadko Next truck, to help victims of the disaster. 

Upon a request made by the BNPB, the truck was sent to Kota Bogor to help the local task force and successfully delivered humanitarian aid for the local victims. Indonesian online news media Detik News and wrote in their reports:

“The reliable all-wheel drive truck from Gorky Automobile Plant successfully found its way to the disaster area, having easily overcome off-road terrain and mud. This vehicle can carry up to 2.5 tons of cargo or 30 people and is able to slide down slopes up to 31 degrees and drive in water up to 1.2 meters deep."

LEONID DOLGOV, Managing Director of GAZ international, LLC:

“We proved that GAZ vehicles are afraid of neither harsh operating conditions nor hot climate. Testing vehicles under off-road and highland conditions also involving river wading helps us to make our serial products even more reliable. "We treat Indonesia as our priority foreign market and hope that successful results of the trial operation of our vehicles in this country will contribute to their sales."