Full specifications
Name Value
Wheel arrangement 6x6
Maximum load on fifth wheel, kg 22000
Kerb weight, kg 12000
Gross vehicle weight, kg 33500
GVW distribution, kg: on front axle: 7500
on rear bogie: 26000
Gross train weight, kg 76000
Engine: YMZ-652, in-line, (Emission class-4)
rated power, hp 412
maximum engine speed, min-1 1900
maximum torque, kgf-m 191
engine speed at maximum torque, min-1м 1 100..1 400
Gearbox ZF16S2220TD - mechanical, 16-speed
Transfer box ZF VG2000 - mechanical, 2-speed, with cylindrical inter-axle locking differential
Cab cab-over-engine, two-seat, with sleeping bunk
Driving axles RABA MAXS - hub-reduction final drive, cross-axle differential lock, interaxle differential lock
Brake system drive Pneumatic
Fifth-wheel coupling 2" or 3,5" (depending on the towed semi-trailer)
Fuel tank capacity, l 500
Wheels and tires Wheels - 11,25x20, tires - 16.00R20 (radials, controllable-pressure, model - Bel-95)

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