NEXT 6x4

Steering control/
dash panel
Adjustable inclination angle of the steering column.
Up-to-date ergonomic and informative dash panel.

Comfortable driver’s and passenger’s seats
Comfortable seats for the driver (installed on air suspension in the basic con guration) and for passengers.
Driver’s seat is adjustable by height, seat cushion and seat back inclination as well as lengthwise displacement.

Gearbox lever
Use of remote actuator with a gearbox control joystick ensures the driver’s comfort and increases the cab internal space.

Niches, shelves,
glove boxes/ 12 V socket

Various options for convenient and safe storage of the necessary documents and personal belongings for the driver and passengers. Provisions are made for recharging electronic devices (cell phones, navigator, player) from 12 V socket. The cab is equipped with USB-connector for audio system.

Power windows/ mirrors/
cruise control
Basic con guration includes power windows,
electric mirrors and fuel lters.

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