Full specifications
Name URAL T25.420
Wheel arrangement
Curb weight, kg
Truckload / fth wheel load, kg 16,800
Height of the fth wheel at gross weight, mm 1,320
Gross train weight, kg 62,000
Gross vehicle weight, kg 26,000
Gross weight distribution:
   front axle, kg
   rear bogie, kg 20,000
Gross trailer / semi-trailer weight, kg 52,800
Engine YMZ-653 (Euro-5)
Net power, kW (h.p.) 309 (420)
Torque, Nm 2,000
Gearbox ZF 16 S2225, manual, 16-speed
Cab conventional, two-seat, three-door, sleeper
Wheels and tires solid wheels 9.00-22.5, tires 315 / 80 R22.5
Suspension dependent front axle, on parabolic springs, independent rear axle equalizing beam, semi-elliptic spring
Maximum speed, km/h 90
Fuel tank, l
600 or 400+200
AdBlue tank, l
Dump platform

Dump platform capacity, m3
Basic equipment
electric heating of a windshield and mirrors, self-contained cabin heater, tachograph, 2DIN audio system, starting preheater, driver seat on air suspension
Optional equipment

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