Increased Stability and Steering Response
Active safety indicators were improved by 8-10% (compared to European counterparts) for safe maneuvering in emergency situations in the new Next model. Such results were achieved thanks to altered kinematics of the front suspension with new shock absorber features.

Reliable Cabin
The trim package is made using state-of-the-art impact resistant polymer plastic, while metal parts of the cabin most exposed to harsh environments are suitably galvanized.
The cabin base is strengthened due to more stringent safety requirements in case of overturning.
High Level of
Passive Safety

Standard cabin configuration improves passive safety of the driver. The length of the cabin is 2 m. The close chassis clearance height and enlarged doorway provide safe and comfortable entry to and exit from the cabin. For your safety and comfort, the bumper and wings are fitted with anti-slip inserts.

The Hella lens lighting system significantly increases active safety by dynamic illumination of road bends, while combined headlamps developed specifically for the Ural Next model make vehicle appearance unique and recognizable.

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