Steering Gear
The integral RBL steering gear and hydraulic booster are integrated into a single module, which results in high control accuracy. The hinged folding mechanism of the steering fork ensures driver safety in a collision.

Increased Service Interval
The placement of the air filter under the hood ensures a minimal number of connections, reduction of air supply system resistance, reduction of filter clogging and increased service intervals.

The ZF gearbox provides a high level of handling and comfort while remaining reliable with a long service life. It improves traction and dynamic performance of the vehicle by more than 10%, enables significant reduction in fuel consumption (8%) and reduces the effort needed for gear switching by 20%.

New Brake System
The vehicle is equipped with an air brake system, brake cylinders with a wedge release mechanism and a Wabco pneumatic chamber with automatic pad application, which eliminates the need for maintenance.

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