In-line 6-cylinder diesel engine



1000 thous. km


240 hp


Features and options

Engine type. 6-cylinder YMZ-530 family diesel engines, 4-stroke, in-line, with direct fuel injection, turbocharged, water-cooled with supercharged air intercooler of the “air-to-air” type installed on the vehicles (without EGR system).

Design features

In order to meet the environmental requirements the following is integrated in the vehicle exhaust system:

  • selective catalytic reduction system (SCR), including dosing module together with a tank for the aqueous solution of urea (reagent AdBlue - (NH2) 2CO 32% solution)
  • selective catalyst (damper-neutralizer).

On the vehicle dashboard the following is integrated in accordance with the requirements of UN Regulation No.49-05G (B2): 

  • alarm device (Error LED)
  • EOBD II diagnostic connector according to SAE J 1962-2standard, to provide the interface with the engine electronic control unit (ECU).

Ecology. Engine meets the emission class Euro 5 - UN Regulations No. 49-05G (В2 with EOBD II), № 24-03 - euro-5

Fuel supply system and control system. Common rail type, high-energy injection and electronic control unit manufactured by "Bosch".

ECU functions

  • controls the engine;
  • interact with electronic devices of the vehicle via CAN (SAE J 1939);
  • saves the error information in the internal memory
  • performs the functions of on-board diagnostics in accordance with the requirements of UN Regulation No.49-05G, according to ISO 15031 and SAE J 1939 standards;
  • performs the function of speed limitation in accordance with the requirements of UN Regulation No. 89;
  • performs the function of torque limitation in accordance with the requirements of UN Regulation No. 49-05G;
  • warns the driver about emergency situations by means of the lamps on the vehicle dashboard (engine diagnostics, emergency oil pressure lamp, etc.);
  • performs the function of the emergency protection of the engine;
  • performs joint operation with ESP-vehicle stability control system, emergency brake application, adaptive cruise control (UN Regulations No.13, App. 21, №131) and duplicates of additional body control from the remote operator panel (crane operator).

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