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The family of YMZ-650 heavy in-line diesel engines with a displacement of 11.12 liters and 286-422 hp power range meets current and future environmental requirements.

Powerful, reliable YMZ-650 engines comply with high-level and global trends in the engine-building. It is an up-to-date engine design based on the dCi 11 engine, having a complex of advanced engineering solutions, meeting the environmental legislation, compactness, efficiency, economical operation and impressive lifetime, assurance of high quality and perfect operation.

The engines are designed to be installed in the perspective vehicles, truck tractors, chassis, main road trains, dump trucks "Ural", "MAZ", "MZKT", "Tonar", etc.

Industry specific YMZ-650 engines versions are successfully adapted as part of the railway vehicles and as part of stationary diesel generator sets.
11.12 L
286–422 hp

EURO-5 EURO-4 96-02 EURO-3

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