Technical specifications
Cylinder bore & stroke: 140 х 140
Displacement: 25,86
Rated power, gross: 412 (560)
RPM: 1900
Max. torque, gross: 2685 (274)
Speed at max. torque: 1300-1500
Specific fuel consumption at rated power: 211 (155)
Engine lifetime: 10000
Overall dimensions: 1910/1230/1300
Mass of engine: 2050
Configurations Application
YMZ-850.10 Industrial tractor-bulldozer Т-35.01Ya, pipe-layer crane ТG-503Ya ("Promtraktor", Cheboksary)
YMZ-850.10-01 Wheeled tractor-bulldozer ТК-25.02, front loader PK-12.02 (-01,-02) ("Promtraktor", Cheboksary)
YMZ-8501.10 Industrial tractor-bulldozer Т-25.01Ya, ameliorative tractor ТМ-25.01 ("Promtraktor", Cheboksary)

Speed characteristics

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