V-type 6-cylinder diesel engine



800 thous. km


230 hp


Features and options

Engine type. 6-cylinder diesel engine, with V-type cylinder arrangement, 4-stroke, with direct fuel injection, turbocharged, water-cooled, with supercharged air intercooler installed on the vehicles.

Ecology. Engine meets the emission class Euro-5 – UN Regulations No. 49-05G (level В2, EOBD II), No.24-03.

Design features

The following design solutions were used to meet the parameters of the emission class Euro-5 - UN Regulations № 49-05G (B2, EOBD II):

  • Application of SCR system,
  • common rail,
  • boosting system modernization.

Installation by a customer of a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) into EGR system including metering module together with diesel exhaust fluid tank and selective catalyst (damper-catalyst).

Fuel supply system: of common rail type with electronic fuel supply control. The system provides injection pressure up to 1600 bar.

The fuel supply system includes:

  • HP fuel pump, fuel boost pump (YZDA, Yaroslavl),
  • fuel rails (HP accumulators) with built-in fuel pressure sensor – (Germany),
  • electro-driven injectors with built-in solenoid valve (AZPI, Barnaul),
  • electronic control unit – microprocessor ECU М240 (ABIT, St. Petersburg),
  • sensors:
    - timing sensor,
    - upercharged air pressure and temperature sensors,
    - oil pressure sensor,
    - coolant temperature sensor,
    - fuel temperature and pressure sensors.


The engines may be completed with clutches and gearboxes of different manufacturers, including: YMZ, Sachs, Hammer, etc.

There is a possibility to install

  • pneumatic system compressor drive,
  • steering booster pump,
  • air conditioner compressor drive.

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