Technical specifications
Cylinder bore & stroke: 130 х 140
Displacement: 14,86
Rated power, gross: 243 (330)
RPM: 2100
Max. torque, gross: 1274 (130)
Speed at max. torque: 1100-1300
Min. specific fuel consumption: 195 (143)
Engine lifetime: 13000
Engine lifetime: 800
Overall dimensions: 1388 / 1045 / 1100
Mass of engine: 1215
Mass of engine with clutch and gearbox: 1585
Ecology (UN Regulations): No.49-02В - euro-2
Configurations Clutch Gearbox Application
YMZ-238DЕ2-1 YMZ-183-15 YMZ -2381-26 MZKT automobiles: chassis 8х4 MZKT-692340
YMZ-238DЕ2-3 - - МАZ automobiles: dump trucks MAZ-551605-271-050 (275-050) (for 9JS135A gearbox)
YMZ-238DЕ2-5 YMZ-183-40 - МАZ automobiles: chassis MAZ-630305, MAZ-631705; road tractor MAZ-642205, -642505
YMZ-238DЕ2-16 YMZ-183-35 YMZ-239-23 МАZ automobiles: high-sided MAZ-530905-225; chassis MAZ-631705 hermetically made
YMZ-238DЕ2-19 YMZ-183-15 YMZ-2381-06 МАZ automobiles: high-sided MAZ -533605-220; МАZ-630305-220; road tractors MAZ-543205-220, МАZ-642205-220; dump trucks MAZ-551605-271; chassis MAZ-551602-247, МАZ-630305-241
YMZ-238DЕ2-20 YMZ-183-15 YMZ-239-22 МАZ automobiles: МАZ-530905-225; МАZ-631705-222; МАZ-642505-221; МАZ-651705-282; МАZ-631705-244
YMZ-238DЕ2-21 YMZ-183-10 YMZ-2381-31 Trucks
YMZ-238DЕ2-22 YMZ-183-15 YMZ-2381-07 МАZ automobiles: МАZ-551602-247, МАZ-630305-247 (with face splines for PTO)
YMZ-238DЕ2-29 YMZ-183-15 YMZ-2381-36 Trucks
YMZ-238DЕ2-33 YMZ-183-15 YMZ-2381-36 Trucks
YMZ-238DЕ2-36 - - Automobiles МАZ-6430 for Eaton gearbox
YMZ-238DЕ2-38 YMZ-183-15 YMZ-2381-06 МАZ automobiles, chassis MAZ-533605; -630305; dump trucks MAZ-551 605, -555105; road tractors MAZ-543205, -642205; timber trucks MAZ-543205, -641705, -630305 and its modifications
YMZ-238DЕ2-39 YMZ-183-15 YMZ-2381-07 МАZ automobiles МАZ-551602-247, МАZ-630305-247 (with face splines for PTO)
YMZ-238DЕ2-40 YMZ-183-15 YMZ-239-22 МАZ automobiles (see YMZ-238DЕ2-20)
YMZ-238DЕ2-41 YMZ-183-40 - МАZ automobiles: МАZ-630305, МАZ-631705; МАZ-642205, МАZ-642505
YMZ-238DЕ2-43 - - МАZ automobiles made before 01.04.2010. – for spare parts
YMZ-238DЕ2-46 YMZ-183-15 YMZ-2381-36 Trucks
Asset 7

Speed characteristics

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