In-line 8-cylinder diesel engine



1000 thous. km


330 hp


Features and options

8-cylinder diesel engines; with V-type cylinder arrangement, 4-stroke, with direct fuel injection, turbocharged, water-cooled, with supercharged air intercooler installed on the vehicles.

Ecology. The engines meets emission standard for road machinery: UN Regulations No. 24-03; No. 49-04А – euro-3.

Design features of base models

Fuel supply system by "YZDA": high pressure fuel pump 179-20 of "Kompakt-40" type with electronic control system.

Electronic engine control system includes:

  • Electronic control unit ECU М230.Е3 from on-board power system 24 (28) V,
  • set of sensors:
  • - crank speed sensor (2 pcs., including backup sensor),
    - charge air pressure and temperature sensor,
    - coolant temperature sensor,
    - fuel temperature sensor,
    - oil pressure and temperature sensor;
  • electrical harness, fixed on the engine.

The following are installed on the engine:

  • зpositive crankcase ventilation closed-circuit system;
  • exhaust brake valve with control mechanism;
  • compact alternator with power 2 kW, voltage 28 V with poly-V belt;
  • fine fuel filter with increased capacity;
  • wax thermostats with valve in drain port.


Possibility of installation of the following is provided:

  • A/C compressor drive;
  • connectors to connect diagnostic equipment to the engine ECU.

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