5-speed mechanicallyoperated gearbox

1130 n. м.

Max. Input torque

Features and options

Gearbox type. 5-speed, mechanically operated, with synchromesh in 2-3 and 4-5 gears.

Gear shift control. Lever or flange for remote control gear setting. Electro-pneumatic gear control systems by different manufacturers are foreseen.

Additional power take-off

  • by special countershaft gear up to 29,5 kW (40 hp),
  • by dog clutch at the countershaft rear end up to 73,5 kW (100 hp),
  • driven by input shaft rim 132 kW (up to 180 hp).

Oil volume in gearbox case is 5,5+0'3 liters.

Gearboxes can be completed with sealed clutch housings, output shaft covers for mechanic or electronic speedometer drives.

Gearboxes YMZ-1105 unlike base model YMZ-2361 have clutch housings with dimensions according to SAE No.1 with hatches to install a flange pneumatic declutching booster.

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