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Diesel engines YMZ for DGS

“Avtodizel” offers a wide range of in-line and V-type YAMZ diesel engines for use in the electric generator units (DGU) with 40-440 kW diesel generator sets.

Naturally aspirated and turbocharged V-type YAMZ industrial engines have proven themselves in the course of many years of operation as a part of various electro-generating, marine, pumping, railway units and special equipment. Powerful, reliable and undemanding products are adapted for optimal operation as a part of DGU with 1-2 degree of automation. The improvement of YAMZ V-engines for DGU is carried out through the development of industrial versions equipped with electronic control systems, including the ones complying Stage IIIa emission regulations.

The company has created and constantly expands the range of specialized modifications of YAMZ in-line diesel engines, designed for stationary modes of operation in the DGUs of 1st, 2nd, 3rd degrees of automation as a permanent and backup power supplies.
V6 V8 V12 P4-6
At the same time the development of the special YMZ engines for DGSs is carried out through the creation of the versions:
  • on the basis of the in-line engine families recently put into production: YMZ-5348, YMZ-5368, YMZ-6503.10 and others;
  • on the basis of the V-type versions of YMZ diesel engines (V6 / V8 / V12) standards equipped with an electronic control system, including with the parameters of euro-3, euro-4;
  • based on the increasing number of current versions and configurations of diesel engines intended for using in DGSs at customers’ request.

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