diesel engines for DGS



18000 hours


Features and options

Engine type. Industrial 6-cylinder diesel engine of YMZ-650 family, 4-stroke, in-line, with direct fuel injection, turbocharged, water-cooled with supercharged air intercooler of the “air-to-air” type installed on the product.

Ecology. Engine meets the UN Regulations No. 49-04A, No.24-03.

Safety requirements

The engine is equipped with electronic control system providing:

  • high coolant temperature protection (above 950 С);
  • low oil pressure protection (below 250 kPa (2,6 kg/cm2).

In emergency situation engine power is limited automatically.


The engine may be completed with auxiliary equipment:

  • suspension members;
  • intake manifold air pre-heat system;
  • fan and fan case;
  • fuel strainer PreLine 420 (complete with engine).
  • turbocharger air intake manifolds;
  • turbocharger - aftercooler air intake manifolds;
  • AC generator 90 А;
  • spare tools and accessories kit;
  • twin-cylinder air compressor with delivery volume of 500 l/min.

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