Technical specifications
Rated power: 400
Maximum power during 1 hour: 440
Current: alternating three-phase
Rated voltage: 400
Rated frequency: 50
Rated power factor: 0,8
Rated current: 720
Crankshaft speed: 1500
Speed droop: 2-4
Refill capacities: 800
Cooling system: 150
Lubricating system: 65
Fuel consumption at rated power: 98
Specific fuel consumption: 218
Oil consumption: 0,3
Dry mass of power set: 4750
Length: 3155
Width: 1330
Height: 1920
Guaranteed life: 3000
Overhaul life: 15 000

АD400S-Т400-R diesel electric power generating set is intended for producing 3-phase-, 50 Hertz current at 400 volts with power 400 W.

designation designation for ordering
АD400S-Т400-R АD-400.0010002-15

Composition and main components of АD000S-Т400-R diesel electric power generating set

AD version model manufacturer
Base engine

YMZ-8503.10-02 “Avtodizel” (YMZ)
Generator -11 LSA 47,2 M4 C6/4 “Leroy Somer”, France
-14 MJB 355 SA4 “Marelli Motori”, Italy
-15 Pro 35S C/4 ”Linz Electric”, Italy

АD400S-Т400-R diesel electric power generating set, general view

1 – engine;
2 – air filter;
3 – generator;
4 – frame;
5 – fuel filter;
6– water radiator;


An original engine for the АD400S-Т400-R is the YMZ-8503.10-02, V-type, 12-cylinder, 4-stroke, turbocharged and charge air cooling, with displacement 25.86 l, rated power 470 kW.

The engine description is given in the Operating manual.

In order to work in the electric power generating set system the engine is furnished with the following:

  • pushing type fan propeller,
  • oil pressure sensor,
  • emergency oil pressure sensor,
  • temperature sensor,

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