Technical specifications
Rated power: 60
Maximum power during 1 hour: 66
Current: alternating three-phase
Rated voltage: 400
Rated frequency: 50
Rated power factor: 0,8
Rated current: 108
Crankshaft speed: 1500
Speed governor: Class 3, GOST 10511
Speed droop: 3-8
Continuous operation period at rated power without refueling: 12
Refill capacities: 200
Cooling system: 48
Lubricating system: 28
Fuel consumption at rated power: 16
Specific fuel consumption: 230
Oil consumption: 0,5
Dry mass of power set: 1800
Length: 2210
Width: 1130
Height: 1525
Guaranteed life: 3000
Overhaul life: 12 000
Base engine: YMZ-236М2-48

АD60S-Т400-R diesel electric power generating set is intended for producing 3-phase-, 50 Hertz current at 400 volts with power 60 kW.

designation designation for ordering
АD60S-Т400-R АD-60.0010002-11

Composition and main components of АD60S-Т400-R diesel electric power generating set

AD version model manufacturer



“Avtodizel” (YMZ)

Generator (at buyer’s option)


LSA 44,3 S3 C6/4

“Leroy Somer”



“Baranchinsky electromechanical plant”



“Cummins Inc”


MJB 200 MB4

“Marelli Motori”


Pro 22S B/4 YaMZ

”Linz Electric”

АD60S-Т400-R diesel electric power generating set, general view

1 - engine;
2 – generator;
3 – fuel tank;
4 – frame;
5 – oil pipes (with oil temperature sensor and drain plug);
6 – oil cooler;
7 – water radiator


An original engine for the AD60S-Т400-R is the YMZ-236М2-48 diesel engine, V-type, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, naturally aspirated, with displacement 11.15 l, rated power 132 kW.

In order to work in the electric power generating set system the engine is furnished with the following:

  • pushing type fan propeller,
  • oil pressure sensor,
  • emergency oil pressure sensor,
  • temperature sensor,
  • emergency oil and coolant temperature.

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